On Site Machining at Volkswagen in Wolfburg

The production of a vehicle is done in precisely planned and controlled processes. The shutdown of one part of the plant can bring the entire production process to a halt. On behalf of and in close cooperation with Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg,
T & T In Situ Machining GmbH has developed a repair method, which allows repairs or changes to folding beds in a short amount of time. The work is done during planned, non-production times.

The goal of this job was the introduction of two contour pockets in a folding bed, followed by prefabricated inserts which were then screwed in and welded in place. The milling machine was introduced while the system was down, and work was performed on the production line on site. Fitting was done using already existing mounting points in the folding bed. Thus, within 16 hours, the two contour pockets were milled.

Due to the low amount of time and effort involved, this processing method can be used in the production facilities of our customers around the world. The transportation costs involved are absolutely manageable.

With 16 years of experience in the field of mobile mechanical processing, T & T is proud to have convinced yet another customer of our quality, speed, and expertise in this sector. Especially in such a highly specialized area, it is very important to have a service partner who is both completely reliable, and can react flexibly to new challenges and environments.