Proven technology newly interpreted.
Linear conductors and recirculating ball screws are only two terms common to our technical status quo.

Two machine beds set up exactly alike in two different lengths are enough to cover an endless number of possibilities for mobile milling operations. Thanks to the use of laser measurement technology, we manage to create a virtual reference level before the work begins in which our machines can configure time and again. Thus, putting the milling machine into operation on a large machine foundation becomes very simple.

Horizontally, vertically, or over the head, the position of the machine doesn’t matter. The choice of chucking is made in close cooperation with our customers, depending on the on-site requirements in accordance with material specifications, and, if necessary, by us, our partners, or by our customers themselves.

An overview of our mobile milling machines

1.500mm bedplate
2.500mm bedplate

  • bridge sections
  • foundations / supports
  • press guides

  • glideways
  • joints
  • guides