Good employees become specialists.
Through us.

The quality, flexibility, and performance of a company depends upon the people who work there.

Focused on growth.
To grow, we depend on specialists with that certain something extra. Whether young or old. Just finished with school or already an “old hand”. Good personnel know no particular age. The have knowledge, experience, or even the willingness to develop further.

See a great deal of the world..
Purely as a service provider, our daily business is carried out at our customers’ locations or at their construction sites. For this reason, our employees might find themselves working not only in the Hamburg area, but also in Singapore, Johannesburg, or Panama. Anything is possible. The only exception being countries having political unrest.

No job is simply standard.
No workpiece is exactly like another. Our highly specialized machine tools can be adapted to suit practically every occasion. Above all, this requires outstanding technical knowledge, as well as creativity and fresh ideas.

What we offer.
Jobs in our company require dedication and flexibility. To achieve these, we give our employees the greatest amount personal freedom to develop further, to be creative, and to regenerate. Performance-based compensation, flexible working hours, and interesting career opportunities are not just catchwords for us. As a family-owned company, we offer a lot more than just a job in a young team.

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