You have to keep trying the impossible,
to achieve the possibleHermann Hesse

On-site laser-assisted metalworking around the world.
As a family owned company since 1997, our name has stood
for precision and quality in planning and execution. It also
stands for the highest quality customer service possible.
In Situ machining is our specialty: we go to our customers
with mobile, high performance machines, and work
extremely efficiently at their sites.

We use highly flexible, mobile machine tools, which
we design and build in our own shops. Our modular, efficient mode of work can be applied to every industrial branch.
Through modifications or special constructions, we can adapt our machines to practically every situation on site.

Succession succeeded.
Ingmar Thut has been second mananging director since 2013. This has been the base for the succession of Hans-Peter Thut. What has succesfully started in October 1997 with Hans-Peter Thut will now be continued through the next generation. With new ideas, a young and well experienced and skilled team Ingmar Thut starts off to the next era in the company’s history.

One House. Two Competencies.
Since Ingmar Thut will further develop the core business of on-site-machining and laser-measurements, Hans-Peter Thut will be available as technical consultant. Not only for the main company. With founding of T&T Technical Cosulting GmbH his wide range of knowledge and many years of experience will be available for all customers. T&T In Situ Machining GmbH, as well as T&T Technical Consulting GmbH are looking forward to your inquiries.

Your advantages: faster, more precise, more efficient.
Precision without compromise: 90% of our mobile work is carried out on site with the aid of a laser alignment system. In this way, repair work can begin more quickly. Time is money. In comparison with conventional equipment setup times, we’re able to reduce the time for this work by up to 80%. The total result is that with our expertise we achieve greater efficiency and higher quality.

Our goal is the highest technical standard possible.
Our solutions are always individually tailored to the customer’s needs. In some cases, we adapt our own developments through modified or new components to the respective situation at hand. In rare cases, we build entirely new machines.
For us, standing still means taking a step backwards. Our goal is to further develop our innovative machines, and thus improve our operational effectiveness. Necessary on-site modifications can lead to higher levels of development in our machines.

Our guarantee: excellent quality.
We’re there for you around the clock. Within 24 hours after we receive your emergency call, our specialist will be on their way to you with the right mobile equipment, always with the goal of developing the optimum solution at your location — even if they have to fly half-way around the world to do so. Our company is certified through the Lloyds Register Group. This certification is recognition of our precision, quality, and dependable work.