Small pipe flanges or large slewing ring landing faces. It doesn’t matter!

Flanges are essential components of the most diverse assemblies and installations. These may involve simple or high-density pipe connections in the petrochemical industry, support surfaces for sprockets on cranes, or also rolling bearings for the Turret of a FPSO vessel.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of flange we’re talking about. Thanks to the range of machinery available, consisting of five flange-facers and one circular milling machine with a high-precision positioning system we can drill bolt-circles with a broad number of diameters. Onshore, as well as offshore.

And thanks to having all mentioned machines in our own stock (maintained regularly and in perfect condition) there’s no need to rely on the availability of rental equipment. This means all machines are available on short notice to assist you with your project.

The machines mentioned are able to deal with round flanges, however, with our mobile milling machines, of course, rectangular flanges are also no problem. And when the job requires, without time-consuming conversion after boring out a hole with our mobile drilling equipment, we can mill the plane surface in-axis at the appropriate angle.

Our mobile flange processing machines in overview:

Ø0mm | 0″ – Ø200mm | 8″
Ø150mm | 6″ – Ø760mm | 30″
Ø355mm | 14″ – Ø1.143mm | 45″
Ø735mm | 30″ – Ø2.050mm | 80″
Ø1.220mm | 48″ – Ø3.048mm | 120″
Ø2.500 – Ø6.500mm
Ø1.524 | 60″ – Ø4.064mm | 160″
More to come!
More machines already in development!

  • coal mills
  • slewing ring landing faces
  • GSO flanges

  • pipe flanges
  • rolling bearing landing faces
  • head flanges